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Guardianship- District of Columbia

Step-by-step guardianship of the estates of minors, forms to be filled, SCR-PD 221, forms- petition for appointment of a guardian of estates of minor and order, consent, the nomination of a minor, acceptance of guardian, admonishment, bond, financial account information

(Navigate to the section labeled "Filing The Petition" )

- Guardianship Plan

-Report of guardian

Guardianship of Minors’ Estates


Petition for Temporary Guardianship

Items needed to request appointment of a guardian and/or conservator: “A petition for a general proceeding, medical evidence, a statement of criminal history, a notice of hearing pursuant to the subject, a notice of hearing pursuant to other persons, and an order appointing counsel, examiner, visitor and/or guardian ad litem must be filed. A Statement of Criminal History must be filed by any person who is seeking an appointment as a guardian. An order regarding temporary relief may be needed if emergency relief is requested. A filing fee of $45.00 payable to “Register of Wills” is required if a conservator or protective order is requested and may be paid by check or money order payable to "Register of Wills," cash, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).”

-Petition for a general proceeding

-Statement of Criminal History

-Notice of Initial Hearing to Subject (Notice of hearing pursuant to subject)

-Order Appointing Counsel, Examiner, Visitor, and/or Guardian Ad Litem

-Order Regarding Temporary Relief Request

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