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Guardianship- Virginia

Appointment of Guardians and Conservators for Incapacitated Adults (Frequently Asked Questions)

Information for Guardians and Conservators

Guardian of Minor Information Form

Incapacitated Adult Information Form

Addendum to Petition for Appointment of Guardian or Conservator

Virginia Public Guardianship Program

Guardianship of Minor Information (Code of Virginia)

Guardian Ad Litem: A guardian that the court appoints to watch over someone during a case

- The person being watched over is called a ward and a guardian ad litem is appointed by the court when the ward cannot take care of themself. A ward is usually a minor or is legally incompetent.

- Only protect the ward’s interests in a single case

- Most frequently appointed in parental disputes over child custody

- But they are also appointed in cases of adoption, child support, divorce, emancipation of a minor, and visitation rights

Virginia Standard for a Guardian Ad Litem

FAQs for Guardians Ad Litem for Children

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